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, by James Pham, 1 min reading time

Chill, Pop, Pour and Enjoy!

As a producer of classic English sparkling wine, the most common question we get asked by wine drinkers is – ‘what is the ideal way to serve sparkling wine?’ Undoubtedly, the temperature at which a sparkling wine is poured has a significant impact on how the wine will taste.

It’s also worth thinking about the glassware that you're using to serve the wine. Our preferred choice is a tulip-shaped glass as it concentrates the aromas and creates a persistent stream of delicate pin bubbles making the overall drinking experience more enjoyable.

To help you create the perfect serve at home and enhance your sparkling wine moments, we’ve put together a simple guide of our most trusted tips and tricks.


  • In an ice bucket for a maximum of 30 minutes or in the fridge for ideally 3-4 hours.
  • Remove from the ice bucket or fridge 15 minutes before serving, depending on the ambient temperature.
  • Return the wine to the ice bucket or fridge between serving but take care not to let it get too cold.


  • Hold the bottle firmly at a 45 degree angle, keeping one hand on the base and the other hand covering the top of the cork.
  • Remove the wirehood by twisting the wire tab. Five twists should suffice.
  • Keeping one hand over the top of the cork, twist the bottle not the cork.
  • Try not to let the cork shoot out of the bottle – unless you’ve got something extra special to celebrate!


  • Glassware is very important.
  • We recommend using tulip shape flutes which accentuate the flavours and encourage a slow release of bubbles.


  • Raise a toast and share with special friends and family.


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