Brandy is a popular distilled spirit made from fermented fruit juices, aged in oak barrels for a smooth, velvety texture. Cognac and Armagnac are two distinct types, each with its own unique flavor profile. Whether you're new to brandy or a seasoned drinker, there's a type that suits your taste. Savor the rich flavors and aromas of this exceptional spirit, perfect for cold winter nights or as a sophisticated after-dinner drink.

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  • Sarajishvili VSOP - JPHA Sarajishvili VSOP - JPHA

    Sarajishvili VSOP

    Sarajishvili VSOP offers a perfect equilibrium between potency and silkiness. This exemplary concoction from Sarajishvili marries the wisdom of age with the zest of youth. Crafted from select spirits derived from Georgian grapes, its tenure in oak barrels graces it with multifaceted aromas. Distinctive notes of dried fruits, prunes, cinnamon, vanilla, and sweet spices echo its extended maturation. With its layered texture and radiant amber hue, this brandy presents a harmoniously rich yet well-measured experience. Tasting Note by Sarajishvili:As it ages in oak barrels, it acquires a range of complex aromas and flavors, including notes of dried fruits, black plum, cinnamon, vanilla, and sweet spices. This exceptional blend has a beautiful amber color, and a smooth and velvety texture that is both satisfying and indulgent.

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  • Almost Sold Out Sarajishvili VS - JPHA Sarajishvili VS - JPHA

    Sarajishvili VS

    Sarajishvili VS stands as a vibrant and harmonious brandy teeming with vitality. Crafted by blending spirits of varied ages, it benefits from grapes sourced from diverse wine-producing regions in Georgia. This unique light-amber brandy exudes intricate fragrances of wild flowers and dried fruits, offering profound intensity and accuracy, culminating in a lasting and captivating finish. Tasting Note by Sarajishvili:With notes of wildflowers and dried fruits, "Sarajishvili VS" offers a unique and enticing bouquet that is both tantalizing and refreshing. On the palate, it is smooth and velvety, allowing you to fully appreciate the unique blend of flavors and aromas. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail, "Sarajishvili VS" is a versatile and sophisticated brandy that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

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  • Sarajishvili XO - JPHA Sarajishvili XO - JPHA

    Sarajishvili XO

    SARAJISHVILI XO emerges as an esteemed member of the brandy's classic lineup. This distinctive blend, formed from carefully chosen Georgian grape varieties and matured in oak casks, boasts a striking dark amber hue. Its scent is both refined and in harmony, leading to a velvety, smooth palate. When sipped, prominent flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and oak come to the fore, further enhanced by subtle undertones of almond and leather. Tasting Note by Sarajishvili:The brandy has a beautiful shiny golden color, with pleasant notes of oak, vanilla, and chocolate that add to its rich and sophisticated aroma. On the palate, it has a soft and velvety taste that lingers, making it an excellent after-dinner drink or accompaniment to a special occasion.

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  • Almost Sold Out Sarajishvili 5* - JPHA Sarajishvili 5* - JPHA

    Sarajishvili 5*

    'Sarajishvili Five Stars' is a dark straw-hued brandy, crafted from Eaux-de-vie matured in oak barrels. It presents an aromatic blend of deep fruity essence coupled with oaky undertones. When tasted, one can discern a dominant grilled almond profile, underscored by hints that evoke the freshness of grapes. Tasting Note by Sarajishvili:The spirits used in its production are aged in oak barrels for approximately five years, resulting in a perfect blend of intense fruity notes and oaky flavors. The strong essence of roasted almonds is also present, which combines beautifully with the fresh grape tones to create a harmonious taste.

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  • Almost Sold Out Sarajishvili 3* - JPHA Sarajishvili 3* - JPHA

    Sarajishvili 3*

    'Sarajishvili Three Stars' is a young brandy with a light straw hue, crafted using Eaux-de-vie that has been aged in oak barrels. It exudes prominent aromas of oak, luscious fruit, and spicy undertones, complemented by a refreshing palate and a smooth texture. Tasting Note by Sarajishvili:With a light straw color and a youthful character, this exceptional brandy is bursting with rich fruit and spicy notes, making it a truly delightful drink that is perfect for any occasion.

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