An Evening of Elegance: Craigellachie & Partagas Lusitanias Cigars

Welcome to our exclusive collaboration between Craigellachie, JJ Fox Cigars, and JPHA, tonight we celebrate the pairing of Partagas Lusitanias Cigars cigars with Craigellachie Whiskies. Dive into an evening of luxury, exploring the rich flavours of premium cigars and the smooth, innovative profiles of Craigellachie Whiskies. We're thrilled to guide you through this unique sensory journey, designed to delight and inspire. Thank you for joining us in this celebration of craftsmanship and tradition.

Craigellachie Whisky & Partagas Lusitanias Cigars Evening

  • Welcome Drink & Canapés 6PM - 6:30PM

    Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with a Craigellachie 13 Spritz, which serves as a delightful introduction to the evening's flavor experiences. This is paired with a selection of gourmet canapés that enhance the cocktail's notes, setting a refined tone for the event.

  • Opening Remarks 7:00PM - 7:15PM

    The host provides a brief introduction, discussing the night's focus on Craigellachie whiskies, specifically the 17, 23, and rare 37 year old expressions, and their pairing with Partagas Lusitanias cigars.

  • Whisky Tasting & Cigar Pairing 7:15PM - 8:15PM

    A curated guided tasting and cigar pairing session:

    • 7:15 PM - 7:30 PM: Tasting of Craigellachie 17 Year Old whisky, highlighting its unique profile.
    • 7:30 PM - 7:45 PM: Exploration of Craigellachie 23 Year Old whisky, discussing its distinct flavors and aging process.
    • 7:45 PM - 8:00 PM: Special focus on the 37 Year Old Craigellachie whisky, examining its complexity and rarity.
    • 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM A special tasting of the Craigellachie "secret dram" is introduced.
  • Networking and Farewell 8:15PM - 8:30PM

    The formal tasting concludes, allowing guests to mingle, discuss their favorite whiskies and cigars of the evening, and enjoy a final moment of leisure. The host provides closing remarks, thanking everyone for their participation in a night of exquisite tastes and company.

Craigellachie 17 Year Old

The whisky's maturation journey begins in a harmonious blend of ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks. After this initial aging period, 50% of the blend embarks on an additional refinement in first-fill Sherry casks, while the remaining whisky matures in first-fill Bourbon casks.

Craigellachie 23 Year Old

The Craigellachie 23 Year Old is a characterful Single Malt Scotch Whisky, aged in a blend of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, giving it a rich profile. Non-chill filter, contains no caramel colouring and bottled at 46% ABV.

Craigellachie 37 Year Old

Part of their distinguished cask series, this limited-edition whisky stands as a testament to superior quality and craftsmanship. The Craigellachie 37 year old was first aged in refill casks, before being finished in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks. This process ensures that the distinctive style of the Craigellachie distillery is prominently showcased.
Exclusive Offering: Only 6 Collector's Edition Whisky Sets Available for Cigar Event Attendees!

  • 2 Por Larrañaga Larranaga 47 UK Regional Edition With James J Fox Two Finger Cigar Case (Burgundy Red) (Worth £300)
  • 1 Craigellachie Limited Edition Coffee Table Book
  • 1 Craigellachie Postcard From Stephanie Macleod
  • 1 Craigellachie Limited Edition Tote Bag
  • Priority Access To The Next Premium Whisky Tasting Event Hosted By JPHA, Valued At £150.
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