Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a captivating embodiment of the rugged beauty of Scotland's Isle of Skye. Known for its maritime character, Talisker is a whisky that reflects the wild and untamed coastal landscape. With a distinctive balance of sweet maltiness and powerful peat smoke, it offers a sensory journey through briny sea breezes and the warmth of an island hearth. Each drop is a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship that has defined Talisker for generations. Whether you're drawn to its peaty depths or its spicy complexity, Talisker Single Malt is an invitation to explore the essence of Skye in a glass.

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  • Talisker 10 Year Old - JPHA Talisker 10 Year Old - JPHA

    Talisker 10 Year Old

    Talisker 10 Year Old undergoes a meticulous double distillation process to cultivate a rich and profound character that encapsulates the maritime qualities of a coastal whisky. Following this, it is patiently aged for a minimum of 10 years in American oak casks, allowing it to develop its distinctive flavor profile and complexity. Tasting Note by Talisker:Nose: Powerful peat-smoke with just a hint of the sea-water salt of fresh oysters, with a citrus sweetness.Palate: A rich dried-fruit sweetness, clouds of smoke, strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. Peppery at the back of the mouth.Finish: Huge, long, warming and peppery in the finish with an appetizing sweetness.

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  • Sale -12% Talisker 11 Year Old - The Lustrous Creature Of The Depths (Diageo Special Release 2022) - JPHA Talisker 11 Year Old - The Lustrous Creature Of The Depths (Diageo Special Release 2022) - JPHA

    Talisker 11 Year Old - The Lustrous Creature Of The Depths (Diageo Special Release 2022)

    According to their legend, when the tides of Talisker Bay surged with an unusual intensity, a radiant creature emerged from the darkest depths, illuminating the profound sea darkness with its enchanting radiance. Nestled along the shores of Loch Harport, near the rugged western edge of the Isle of Skye, where legends find an easy home, Talisker has been shaping its own maritime destiny since the year 1830. This whisky, marked by sweetness, saltiness, thunderous power, and smoky allure, is as primal as the land, sea, or storm itself—a spirit designed for those with an untamed spirit, crafted by the ever-changing sea. Within its deep golden hue, subtle notes of salt and smoky echoes reminiscent of a beach bonfire impart a maritime essence to its gentle aroma. This is a legendary Talisker, possessing an otherworldly charm and beauty. Tasting Note by Talisker:Nose: Maritime in feel, with light spice-prickle, the first impression suggests a beach bonfire of dry seaweed, then deep-seated notes of maritime saltiness and marine engines take over, on a base of drying fresh linen. All these scents hold together well at reduced strength.Palate: Smoothly oily in texture, while the taste is gloriously sweet throughout and smoky-spicy, with a distinct fruity hint, all of which evokes an orchard seen through smoke and sea mist. A fine salty balance in the middle leads the spiciness on into a powerful chili pepper catch as you swallow. With a drop of water, the sweet fruitiness and saltiness come into their own.Finish: Long, sustained and lightly smoky, with lingering warming spice.

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  • Talisker 30 Year Old (2022 Release) - JPHA Talisker 30 Year Old (2022 Release) - JPHA

    Talisker 30 Year Old (2022 Release)

    Introducing the 2022 Limited Release of Talisker 30 Year Old, now an eagerly anticipated annual offering. This exquisite whisky has been indulged in three decades of maturation in American oak casks before being bottled at its natural cask strength. The essence of Talisker's spirit beautifully converges peat, oiliness, and captivating spice notes, along with a medley of other nuanced elements, resulting in an eloquent and refined expression that captures the essence of time and craftsmanship. Tasting Note by Talisker:Nose: Freshly cut orchard fruit, waxy red apples, aromatic white pepper, cinder toffee, and a little creaminess may all be detected on the nose. A crisp maritime air blows by as tropical fruits, cocoa nibs, and a beach campfire become more prevalent. Palate: A warming smokiness, a chilli pepper prick, a mild salinity, and layers of apple and pear are revealed on the palate as well as flickering embers and spicy oak flavours. Finish: A lasting warmth with aromas of ripe fruit, roasted hazelnuts, and a tinge of vanilla, combined with a peppery and cinnamon tingling.

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  • Talisker 1978 41 Year Old Bodega Series - JPHA Talisker 1978 41 Year Old Bodega Series - JPHA

    Talisker 1978 41 Year Old Bodega Series

    Distilled back in 1978, this whisky has spent an impressive 41 years maturing in refill American oak barrels. It has also undergone a finishing period in six remarkable Manzanilla sherry casks sourced from a prestigious sherry producer in Jerez. This meticulous maturation process has resulted in a whisky with unrivaled depth of flavor and complexity that can only come from such exceptional craftsmanship. With only 2,000 bottles ever produced, this is a rare find that whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike will be eager to add to their collection. Tasting Note by Talisker: Nose: Spicey top notes, a fruity middle, caramelised apple crumble, and a marine base make up the nose.Palate: Rich and silky on the palate, with a gentle fudge sweetness giving way to salt, peppery heat, and a burst of chilli pepper.Finish: Long, smokey, spicy, and peppery finish that lingers.

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  • Talisker 44 Year Old - Forests of the Deep - JPHA Talisker 44 Year Old - Forests of the Deep - JPHA

    Talisker 44 Year Old - Forests of the Deep

    Crafted from the finest ingredients and aged for over 44 years in marine oak barrels, Talisker 44 Year Old captures the essence of the deep sea. Its seductive scents and sweet, smokey maritime notes transport you to the heart of the ocean, while its peppery aftertaste leaves a lingering impression. With only 1,997 bottles available worldwide, this is a rare and exquisite treasure that whisky enthusiasts will not want to miss. Tasting Note by Talisker:Nose: True to a Talisker of age, the nose is mellow overall, with a peppery prickle that yields slowly to rich maritime top notes with traces of seaweed, salt crystals and warmed oak, over sweeter wafts of lemon zest and toffee. Beneath these scents lie intriguing layers of aroma; hints of canvas, brine-licked sea air and a distant beach bonfire.Finish: Really long, with soft traces of candle wax as a sweet chilli-pepper warmth suffuses the palate, becoming mouth-cooling if water is added.

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